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Taylor Kastl

Executive Chef & Owner


A Chef, but also Small Business Owner, Wine-O, Cat Lady, Nerd. This can't-sit-still, always cold, punny, not funny, miniaturized tornado of efficiency went to Johnson and Wales University, cue long list of experience and accolades that amount to general badassery. A bit of a jack of all trades, Taylor has hustled all over Charlotte, including the Peninsula Club, The Asbury, and Vivace, but favoring her time as Executive Chef at Pasta and Provisions and Events Manager for Assorted Table Wine Shoppe. She and fellow chef hubby, Steve McGinley, started Tayste Catering on a gamble five years ago with wild amounts of growth and success since then. (and tears and cursing but shhh).  She says 'doing the #extra stuff is the best part of the job', from consulting for other businesses to flower arrangements and 'table-scaping' decor, there's always a moment for creativity and personalization. At Tayste Catering, the events range from weddings to corporate lunches to apartment amenities, but multicourse wine dinners are her favorite time to flex. While obvious influence is seen from Italian and Southern cuisine, a shocking amount of nerd comes through in the menus as well; see the many Star Wars and Comics Dinners on her socials. Ever the willing performer, Taylor is the first one to charm a room or present at a festival to be the face of her company. Taylor can be found, if ever out of the kitchen, with her ridiculously long hair in a top-knot, sipping on any nearby bubbles, usually working remotely on her Captain America computer.

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